The Gallery at 2G

While the lobby at 2 Gansevoort underwent a redesign and modernization in 2014, it still pays homage to the long-time roots of the William Kaufman Organization (WKO). Known for distinctive artwork throughout its six-building, three million square-foot commercial portfolio, WKO worked closely with DerbeLight and Fogarty Finger to reimagine this space as a gallery. The lobby was designed around the art as a focal point, not an afterthought.


DerbeLight is a global artists collective base in Hamburg who create light installations at the convergence of art and functionality. The dazzling photo gallery at DerbeLight is a curation of specialized images by outstanding Artists, including those who have been shown at the Tate Modern and MoMA, and those who are in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art in India. To create the seamless light portals, DerbeLight uses a high-resolution photo printed on fabric and stretched over massive LED light boxes.

Fogarty Finger Architects

Fogarty Finger Architects worked closely with DerbeLight to renovate and redesign the lobby for the buildings rebranding in 2014. The design concept was to create immersive portals to walk through in order to get to the desk in the main lobby. These blackened steel portals were designed to showcase the illuminate and showcase the photographic artwork.